Whiter Than Snow, the novel by Matthew Eldridge

Whiter Than Snow is the suspensefully dark tale based on the true life of Snow White, as never told before. Because of the prophesies, Snow White is hidden from her true identity as a princess. Living as a servant in the king's cottage and enduring the jealous wrath of the sinister queen, she attracts the forbidden attention of the delicious Prince Philip of Spain. However, only after falling in love does she discover he’s to be engaged to another ruler, the Queen of England, Bloody Mary. If the two join kingdoms, the evil queen’s reign of terror and quest to eliminate Protestant Christians around the world would be unstoppable. But there is hope. If the prince discovers Snow White’s hidden identity as a princess, true love may stop the planned massacre.  
This isn’t an old tale told in a new way. This is the story uncovering deep truths about the real Snow White, Margarete, and her sacrificial love for the dear Prince Philip. Everything else is a fairy tale.

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